Kayla Jane Photography | Seniors


·         WHAT TO WEAR

Clothing that makes a statement about who you are.   Ladies: Strapless and spaghetti straps are fine, but also bring something with sleeves. Close-ups in spaghetti straps or sleeveless tend to make you appear naked.   Don't forget hats, jewelry and the right shoes for your outfits. It is always better to pack too many clothes than not enough

·         WHAT TO BRING

 Sports Props, Cars, Friends, Pets, Hobbies, Letterman Jackets, Dance, Cheer, Band


Bring a friend or family member. We may need their help!

Apply make-up a bit heavier than usual, and add an extra coat of mascara to make eyes pop.

Vary necklaces and sleeve lengths for different looks.

 Girls, be sure to check your nails. Your hands will show in the portraits. Either remove your nail polish or have your nails freshly painted. 

If you have pics of something you'd like to try or a pose you think is cool, let me know and we can probably re-create it.



What about acne on the day of my senior pictures?
Don’t worry since I will retouch all your senior previews.
What if I wear glasses?
You should bring a pair of matching frames or remove your lenses prior to the photo session so you will not have glare from the studio lighting. 
Will you reschedule for bad weather?
Of course!